Random Thoughts: Ryan vs. Biden and Stuff

Flying first class for the first time ever today. Guess I’ll have to read my Kindle since using a Nintendo 3DS would look low class.

Can’t use my cracked iPad. People would be like, “If you can afford first class, why didn’t you just throw that away and buy a new one?”

Don’t know why I have it in my head everyone in first class is going to be mean and judgmental. Probably because that’s how I plan to be.

First class was nice. They treated you like an actual human being who paid them hundreds of dollars to travel.

First class was similar to the customer service you’d expect on the ground, but in the air. It was like they actually had to compete for my business. It was weird.

In economy, I got yelled at for having my Kindle on. Really. Do you need me to take the batteries out of my watch as well?

If turning a page on a Kindle is going to crash the plane, why do they take our word for it that we turned off our phones?

What I really don’t get is that time after you land when you can use your cellphone but no other electronic device.

Hotel offers the “hottest N64 games.” Good job, hotel.

Gah! They charge for Internet. Why do expensive hotels charge for internet? The hostels where they murder you don’t charge for internet.

The only rigged poll I believe is the one on Election Day.

I’m gobsmacked people aren’t taking Andrew Sullivan seriously.

If only Ambassador Stevens was wearing a Big Bird costume, then Obama might have cared to protect him.

High unemployment, high gas prices, low growth — but let’s focus on getting the multi-millionaire bird puppet government subsidies.

Being on a business trip where I can expense tips allows me to be a Democrat, i.e., I get to be generous with other people’s money.

Losing could be the best thing for Obama because then he could run again in 2016 but then not have to worry about that pesky governing.

Biden is a skilled debater. He always wins the mock debates held between him and his sock puppet Stevie.

You automatically lose any debate if you’re wearing a bow tie.

You can wear a black bow tie with a tuxedo. With anything else you’re halfway to a clown outfit.

At this point, as long as half the things Biden says are actual English words, they’ll say he won the debate by exceeding expectations.

And if Iran does get a nuclear weapon, I’m sure Obama will blame a YouTube video.

The problems of this country seems to be of much amusement to Biden.

“YAY! HE SAID 47%!” -liberals currently peeing themselves

My sister had a good point: Biden could almost be winning this on radio. On TV, he looks like a smirking jackass.

The grinning is reminding me of Gore’s groaning.

Doing fake laughs doesn’t win debates.

Biden gets an A for effort so far. He might do better with a B.

The moderator is debating Ryan pretty well.

“Look at how Biden just screamed at and bit Ryan! He’s totally winning!” -the left

When Biden had a long pause after “My religion…” I thought he forgot what it was.

I can’t believe the moderator cut Ryan off on religious liberty to try and go back to the same abortion arguments we’ve had for decades.

Obama and Biden sure like to whine about speaking time.

I’m not sure I like tired old man Biden better.

Bipolar Biden.

I can never call these things (except that last one). Will be interested to see what independents think.

Safe to say this wasn’t a game changer. Benefit: Romney.

I like Paul Ryan… for a politician. That’s like having a favorite mold.

I have such a low opinion of Biden, I may be giving his debate performance too much slack.

There should be a picture of Frank Luntz in the dictionary next to the word “schlub.”

Looks like this debate was a net win for Romney as it didn’t change momentum.

The one thing the left and right can agree on is that we have no idea how undecided voters think.

So I’ve seen a Ryan won poll, Biden won poll, and a near tie poll. Science?

This debate will probably help the left some in how they now won’t be so miserably depressed.

All the smirking was because Biden couldn’t help but keep thinking of that wacky Marmaduke.

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  1. “I’m gobsmacked people aren’t taking Andrew Sullivan seriously.”

    Me too. He takes himself so seriously…

    That Biden Grin, and then the grimace. All he lacked was a straight jacket and men in white dragging him off to the nuthouse.


  2. Comment shamelessly stolen from Jim Geraghty at the National Review Online:

    “Biden appeared to prepare for this debate by inhaling nitrous oxide and sticking a fork in an electric socket.”


  3. Republican candidates should always answer any questions about social issues with this phrase, “If we don’t fix the economy then we will not have a society in which to debate these issues in.”


  4. Watching the Ryan-Biden debate- Proverbs 29:9. No, I’m not going to tell you what it says-if you’re already a good American, you’ll know what it says, and if you’re a commie hippy camel-kissing raghead, your hands will burn and fall off if you try to touch a Bible.


  5. “I can’t believe the moderator cut Ryan off on religious liberty to try and go back to the same abortion arguments we’ve had for decades.”

    The economy in ruins, real unemployment over 20 percent, our embassies around the world being attacked and invaded, jihad taking place around the world and Muslims taking over entire communities in Michigan, illegal immigration out of control and bankrupting the country, police have lost control of Detroit, Russia and China testing our resolve on a daily basis, dictators around the world banding together against the US, Hollywood producing nothing but anti-American movies and programming and joining the public schools in brainwashing our children against the US, the Constitution under attack on a daily basis, every religion except the one that’s at war with us under attack on a daily basis…but, ya know what’s really important to me? What Paul Ryan thinks about abortion. Umm…no.


  6. It was startling to see Biden transform so blatantly from hyena Joe to somber Joe before our very eyes. “Oh, it’s somber time? One sec, let me put on my serious face.” I can totally see him practicing that ahead of time.

    Is your sister Charles Krauthammer, Frank? Biden would have won on radio if not for his insulting verbal interruptions and his heavy sighing when Ryan started to respond.


  7. “Flying first class for the first time ever today. Guess I’ll have to read my Kindle since using a Nintendo 3DS would look low class.”

    No, no, no. The commoners all have Kindles. That’s below your station. What you need is a Nook.



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