Random Thoughts: Statistical Models

I lived through three hurricanes while in Florida. Went days without electricity or potable water. It was fun.

I don’t know about the possibility of Minnesota going red. Hard to be more Democrat than being the only state against reelecting Reagan.

Remember when people were really excited when Reagan was elected and then even more excited to reelect him? That’s not at all like Obama.

The NYT has endorsed every Dem since 1956 so that one day when they do endorse a Republican, everyone is going to really pay attention.

Polls show close race, but if somehow Romney wins next Tuesday and the GOP takes the Senate, that would be hilarious.

When trying to hide from the hurricane, remember that they can’t see through lead.

I don’t know why everything has to be a partisan issue. Why can’t everyone of all political persuasions come together and hate Democrats.

My biggest fear about hurricanes is with all those strong winds coming off the ocean you could get airborne pirates.

Burning fossil fuels is causing global blowing.

Poor Nate Silver. He must be burning incense to Numberthor, god of numbers, to protect him.

Anyone figure the percent chance Nate Silver will come out of this looking like a genius versus looking like an idiot?

If Nate Silver comes out of this a laughing stock, he’ll have completed a great origin story to becoming the Batman villain The Statistician.

“What! How did you stop me, Batman?! By my calculations, there was only a 23.7% chance of that happening!”

“You’ll never get away with this, Statistician!”
“Ha! There was an 88.3% chance of you saying that!”

Never miss an opportunity to go yell at a storm.

Because everyone is being mean to Nate Silver, I’m not going to tell you what my mathematical model is predicting until after the election.

Hard to trust the math abilities of someone who isn’t absolutely horrified of Obama’s spending.

I’m not saying Mitt Romney is Batman, but it’s hard to believe he doesn’t dress up in a costume at night and punch poor people.

Maybe NYT should just put an “for entertainment purposes only” warning over Nate Silver’s blog. Or on their whole paper.

I tried to put together a statistical model, but it ends up I accidentally bought the kit for an X-Wing.

Everyone on the east coast stay safe unless you’re a pedophile.

Obama has released a statement about how things are being blow around and flooded on the east coast in reaction to a YouTube video.

Good tweet for Nate Silver on Nov. 7th: “What happened was a possible outcome according to my model.”

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  1. “Curses! You never would have caught me if I’d used a Rayleigh distribution instead of a chi distribution!”
    The Statistician

    “I’ll be back! There isn’t a prison built that can hold me longer than an average of 2 months with a standard deviation of 17 days!”
    The Statistician


  2. With all the problems New Yorkers face after hurricane Sandy, I bet they’re really glad they don’t have to worry about buying a 32 oz soda.


  3. “Everyone on the east coast stay safe unless you’re a pedophile.”

    …perhaps the funniest thing I’ve ever read on the Interwebs. (starting slow clap now).


  4. The difference between statistical model glue and airplane glue is usually airplane glue can make you stupider and with the other you’re already there.


  5. “Maybe NYT should just put an “for entertainment purposes only” warning over Nate Silver’s blog. Or on their whole paper.” how about “Making the National Enquirer look like serious news.”


  6. As a citizen of a “blue state” having been effected by Hurricane Sandy one week before the election…I am watching my mailbox for all the Federal Dolla’s Obama is going to throw at me to show his concern !! (Well, to be honest, I have trained my unicorn to do it for me..) Free Money!!! Gotta’ love this Pres!!!


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