The Problem Is That They Didn’t Take Political Correctness Far Enough

The University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill has removed the word “freshman” from official university documents in favor of the more “gender inclusive” term “first year student”.

This is ridiculous. If they REALLY want to avoid offending people, they need to change their name to “UNC – Hill”.

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  1. Naaaah…call it UNC-Pagan Mound of Gaia.

    Frosh=First Year Indoctrinatee

    Senior=Fourth Year Useful Idjit

    Undergrad=Indoctrinated Tool/Ideological Puppet

    Full Professor=Tenured Master Indoctrinator


  2. The word “North” smacks of regional prejudice, Carolina is overtly feminine in the same male chauvinist pig way of always calling a ship a “she” Hill discriminates against people from prairies and University might be a code word for the bourgeoisie controlled status-quo

    Maybe they should change the entire name to some think like: The Friendly Association of Really Talented Educational Diversity (FARTED)


  3. Fai Mao – It’s even worse:

    “The region was named Carolus, a Latin form of Charles, in honor of King Charles. King Charles II, his son, changed the spelling to Carolina in 1663.”

    So, yeah, it’s just more blatant patriarchal oppression.


  4. Seanmahair, that might save some time when people ask me why I hate UNC so much. Besides being a NCSU (a primarily engineering/agricultural school) student, UNC (primarily a law/medical school) has a reputation for being… what’s a more polite word for “arrogant, bratty snobs?”

    You know what they do at our rivalry games? They come wearing overalls. I think the idea is to mock of NCSU for having it’s origins as an agricultural school. I’d love to hear their ideas of what a world without farmers would be like. Can’t possibly be worse than one without lawyers.

    But I’m not gonna lie, the fact that most cars I see with UNC stickers also have Obama stickers (if they have political stickers) has a lot to do with it.



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