This Is the Obama That Showed Up to the Last Debate

[High Praise! to American Power]

[YouTube direct link] (Viewer #161,411)

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  1. While in Iraq, there were signs at the front gate that read ” We need leadership, not likership” this POTUS is ALL about being the cool kid and being liked, as that is all that matters to this POS


  2. @ 2..CM1:
    I can’t IMAGINE how embarrassing these clips are to someone in uniform, overseas, defending our country–Highly trained, highly skilled professionals in a highly volatile part of the world watching Mr. White Dance with the stars in his eyes, who has attended more tapings of humorous talk shows than security briefings… and knowing that he is your Commander in Chief…Good Grief!

    ** Thank You For Your Service !!! ~~~~~~ for that !!!!! **



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