This Just Confused Me

Saw this headline on Drudge: “Billionaire to unveil design for TITANIC II in NYC”.

I thought it was gonna be about Warren Buffett’s suggestions for Obama’s 2nd term.

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  1. The next thing you know, in response to all the criticism about the upcoming Windows 8 (“Metro”), Microsoft will announce “Windows Retro” – a complete throw-back to the buggy Windows 95 with emphasis on improved internal support for Windows 3.1 and DOS app’s. (Oh goody! They’ll even include my favorite games of DOOM (the Obama version) and DESCENT (into Obama’s hell-on-Earth).)


  2. Not only MarcoMancuso, zzyzx, but how about ussjimmycarter? (Rumor has it that he and Hillary split-up after the operation.)

    (If we yelled “ussjimmy” and waited to hear “carter,” how long would we wait? 10²³ seconds?)



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