Top of the charts

Bush, Bush bo Bush, banana fanna fo Bush
Fee fi mo Bush, Bush!

Come on everybody!
I say now let’s play a game
I betcha I can make a blame out of anybody’s name.
The first four years, I treat it like it was not there
But a lot of silly reasons and excuses will appear
And then I say “No I wasn’t to blame,” and banana fanna blame a foe
And then I say that name and I make it very plain
And a fee fie on a foe
And then I say the name again and now you know my game
And there isn’t any name that I can’t blame

Clinton, Clinton bo Clinton, banana fanna fo Clinton
Fee fi mo Clinton, Clinton!

But if the first two years are ever brought up,
I drop my voice and say the name like
Bush, he killed the economy,
Clinton, she let the Ambassador die,
Osama, I killed him with my bare hands.
The media ignores anything that is contrary.

Everybody do Bush!

Bush, Bush, bo Bush, banana fanna fo Bush
Fee fi mo Bush, Bush!

Pretty good, let’s do the rich!

Rich, rich, bo rich, banana fanna fo rich
Fee fi mo rich, rich!

Very good, let’s do Wall Street!

Wall Street, Wall Street, bo Wall Street, banana fanna fo Wall Street
Fee fi mo Wall Street, Wall Street!

A little trick with YouTube!

YouTube, YouTube, bo YouTube, banana fanna fo YouTube
Fee fi mo YouTube, YouTube!

The blame game…

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  1. Fee-fi-fo-fum,
    I smell the blood of an Kenyan man,
    Be he live, or be he dead
    I’ll grind his bones to make my bread.

    Goooooo… Romney!


  2. Basil, this is too easy. It’d be easier to do people and things Obama hasn’t blamed.

    Let’s do the Constitution

    Constitution, Constitution bo Bonstitution bonana fanna fo Fonsitution
    Fee fi mo, Monstitution, Constitution!

    Let’s do Joe the Plumber!

    Joe the Plumber, Joe the Plumber, bo Boe bonana fanna fo Foe
    Fee fy mo, Moe, Joe the Plumber!

    Let’s do Republicans!

    Republicans, Republicans bo Bepublicans bonana fanna fo Fepublicans
    Fee fi mo, Mepublicans, Republicans!

    Let’s do the Koch Brothers!

    Koch, Koch bo Boch bonana fanna fo Foch
    Fee fi mo, Moch, Koch Bros!

    Let’s do the Cambridge Police!

    Police, Police bo Bolice bonana fanna fo Folice
    Fee fi mo, Molice, Police!

    Let’s do greedy leg amputating doctors!

    Doctors, Doctors bo Boctors bonana fanna fo Foctors
    Fee fi mo, Moctors, Doctors!

    Let’s do Fox!

    Fox, Fox bo Box bonana fanna fo Fox
    Fee fi mo, Mox, Fox!

    Let’s do Jet Owners

    Jet Owners, Jet Owners bo Bet Owners bonana fanna fo Fet Owners
    Fee fi mo, Met Owners, Jet Owners!


    How about my favorite:

    Chuck, Chuck bo Buck bonana fanna fo Fu…


  3. How come they never do that game with the name Chuck?

    Chuck Chuck bo buck banana fana fo . . . oh, that’s why.


  4. Is it Racist of me to comment how ‘musical’ Barry is on just such occasions? I sure hope so, and it seems to be getting worse………..



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