Yes, It’s Halloween. No, Do NOT Do This to Your Kid

Posted on October 31, 2012 2:00 pm

[High Praise! to Les of Brick Moon and iOwnTheWorld]

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13 Responses to “Yes, It’s Halloween. No, Do NOT Do This to Your Kid”

  1. Son of Bob says:


  2. Jimmy says:

    That kid gets it.

    Be afraid. Be very afraid.

  3. Rayfan87 says:

    Wait a second, it appears this child is having a perfectly normal reaction to that mask. That parent should be commended for bring up such a smart kid.

  4. Writer says:

    Be Afraid.
    Be very afraid.

  5. DamnCat says:

    Holy cats! I thought Obama was just an empty suit – turns out he’s and empty head too!

    OTOH: This may be preferable to the deeply weird stuff that fills Joe Biden’s head.

  6. Bunkerhillbilly says:

    More frightening than that was the scene of Obama (in full sorrow-expressive mode) being accompanied by Gov. Christie, Snookie and The Sitch as they took in the damage along the Jersey shore….I’m sure The One bowed low before Snooks and apologized profusely for not being able to get free contraception to her in time (what with Sandra Fluke taking up so much attention); rubbed some abs and did a “bro-dap”; then broke bread (and Entemann’s) with Christie.

  7. James says:

    Think that is bad? You should have seen how he reacted to the Nancy Pelosi mask.

  8. Harvey says:

    @7 I’m guessing that reaction involved a fresh puddle at his feet.

  9. mmm says:

    HA! my exact reaction!

  10. plentyobailouts says:

    My reaction caused me to change my shorts.

  11. Jimmy says:

    Hope you have plentyoshorts!

    Ba da ding!

  12. Jimmy says:

    Oh, and in general, there are no “holy cats.”

  13. rodney dill says:

    OMG…. its full of czars…

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