Yippee kay yay, Obama Voter!

Posted on October 4, 2012 7:00 am

yippee-Kay-yayDid something last night I haven’t done in a long, long time. I watched a presidential debate.

Okay, they haven’t had one in four years, but still.

I really didn’t plan on watching. I made my mind up a long time ago on this one: I will vote for the person who isn’t named Barack Obama.

So, why did I watch the debate? Wife wanted to. So, we watched the debate. Or I did. She gave it up about 30 minutes in. She doesn’t like one-sided contests unless the winning side goes by the nickname “Crimson Tide,” so she figured out the final score and called it a night. I stuck it out.

Why? I was already into it, and my team was winning. It was nice to see. From what I can tell, though, the debate seemed to change a lot of people’s minds. That’s scary. That means someone old enough to vote has lived through the last four years of Obama in the White House and six years of Democrats controlling the Senate and still thought Obama, or any Democrat, might be a viable option. I don’t get it.

But, Romney did a good job. He showed how you can politely call the president a liar and not be called a racist. Romney is pretty good at this politics thing. Heck, even though he’s a Republican, he could get votes from people in Massachusetts. Maybe even enough to be governor there. I kid!

Was it just Romney, though? Did Obama contribute to his debate loss?


Obama was weak, ineffectual, and apologetic, getting all kind of numbers wrong and stuttering himself into a corner. In other words, he was Obama. That’s what his presidency has been like, and what the debate was like. So, I don’t think you can blame Obama for being Obama.

Even though I went in (and came away) with my mind made up, I did learn something. Obama gave me $3600. At least, he said he did. I still can’t find mine. Maybe Solyndra has it.

Speaking of Solyndra, I loved that line from Romney that went something like this: “You don’t pick the winners and the losers; you pick the losers.”

Obama took to blaming Bush. Essentially, he said “I inherited a dire situation. And made it worse.” Though, I really don’t think that was his intent. To say it out loud, I mean. He’s done everything he wanted to do, he just doesn’t want us to know. But we do.

Oh, and after throwing his grandmother under the bus in the 2008 campaign, Obama dragged her back out and used her as an example of someone needing Medicare. I suppose since she’s dead, Medicare doesn’t need that $700-million he’s cutting from it, so it’s all good.

The debate wasn’t close. Frank J. will have some interesting things to say about it, I’m certain. I’m still waiting to see how the Obama campaign handles the fallout of the debate. Maybe he’ll say he inherited the debate from Bush. Romney ran circles around Obama, thwarting his every move. The only thing missing was Mitt saying “Yippee kay yay, m*****f*****.”

Okay, that’s a little crude. But I think I’ll follow Terry_Jim’s suggestion and tell all the Obama supporters I see “Yippee kay yay, Obama Voter.”

To tell the truth, I did feel a little sorry for Obama about one thing: the debate was on his 20th wedding anniversary. What terrible timing to suffer Electile Dysfunction.

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11 Responses to “Yippee kay yay, Obama Voter!”

  1. zzyzx says:

    Had this been a boxing match Obama would have to yell out ‘no mas’ and throw the towel in. After the debate I sure did enjoy watching Rachael Madcow and Al Sharpton over at MSNBC whine and snivel about it…at least for as long as I could stand listening to them. Which wasn’t long. ‘Bout two minutes. But it was fun.

  2. John says:

    Yeah, apparently Obama gave us $3600 in tax breaks. But Romney said the average family income has decreased by $4300, so if I fall from middle class to poverty and therefore taxed less, how exactly is that a positive?

  3. seanmahair says:

    I’ve been waiting for inflation to kick in. Jimma’ Carter gave us runaway inflation during his term (21%). If Obama wants to consolidate his standing as worst president ever he’s going to have to get right on that. He’s running out of time. Maybe Jimma’ will give him some tips. After all ex-President Carter’s been egging Obama on from the beginning. Carter really loves that guy. Wonder why?

  4. James says:

    It is no longer George Bush’s fault. It is now Jim Lehrer’s fault. Yippie Kay Yay indeed.

  5. Matt Musson says:

    In a surprise announcement from Campaign Headquarters this morning – President Barak Obama announced that former President Bill Clinton would substitute for him in the next two debates!

    “I am using Bill as my Lifeline,” the President remarked.

  6. blarg says:

    I think the $3600 he was talking about was the money I didn’t pay because he EXTENDED THE BUSH TAX CUTS. So really, Bush saved me $3600 despite not being in office for almost 4 years now. As for Obama, my health care premiums have doubled every year Obama’s been in office and my benefits have decreased . I DID get a $4 rebate check last year because my plan apparently charged too much so there’s that.

  7. Jimmy says:

    I keep thinking about the absolute mess that Romney will “inherit.” I hope he brings a large axe, nay, a splitting mall.

  8. GrannyBoo says:

    Basil’s closing line was the most aptly descriptive thing I’ve read about the debates today. Plan to steal it to use it all day. Thanks!

  9. Conservatarian says:

    Basil ~ I’ve come to the conclusion that your purpose for this post was solely to use you closing sentence. Circulate it I will!

  10. FiveShooter says:

    booHaHa — Did you MichObama’s scowly twisted face??? I haven’t seen one like that since Sigourney Weaver in GhostBusters No.1 — I bet Barry gets the full firestorm back at the WhiteCrib then sleeps on the couch!

  11. Doug says:

    “… the debate was on his 20th wedding anniversary. What terrible timing to suffer Electile Dysfunction.”

    This would have been funny with either spelling. And true either way. Bacon to Basil.

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