A Moment With Joe Biden: Helping People

[by Son of Bob]

And now, a moment with Joe Biden…

BIDEN: …Well folks, it’s been a long campaign, and I’ve traveled back and forth from one coast to the other, from North Carolina all the way to Virginia and back again, probably five or six times now. And, I’ve met so many wonderful people. Just this morning I met the most wonderful woman, and her name is Cinnamon. And, Cinnamon told me, “Joe, I used to be the Director of Human Resources for a large corporation, but in 2010 I was laid off. And, I’ve lost everything. In fact, now I’m on the streets working as a prostitute and my pimp keeps all the money, and I struggle to even afford birth control to keep from getting pregnant from the Johns. I need your help, Joe. Please help me.” And, I told Cinnamon, “Don’t you worry, because Barack and I are going to get re-elected for four more years, so help is on the way.” Because when Barack and I are re-elected, we’re going to make sure that Cinnamon gets the free birth control she needs. And, what’s more, we’ll also make sure she has access to free check-ups and treatments for STD’s and periodic AIDS testing. So, while Mitt Romney is out talking about corporations and jobs, we’re busy getting people the real, vital help they need…

This has been a moment with Joe Biden.

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  1. Joe, is it true you’re planning to run for President in 2016? If so, you need to start right now, Joe. Don’t wait!! Campaign across America on foot, Joe. Back and forth. Back and forth. Better get started now, Joe.


  2. Yeah, or “life is like a box of chocolates” smeared all over Biden’s face.

    I would like to nominate Son of Bob for the first annual “Reader’s High Praise Award” – from us IMAO readers.

    SoB, you’re the best!



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