A Picture for the Ladies

[High Praise! to Technabob]

111-foot-long train made out of chocolate. Click here for more pics & the story.

No word on whether Tay Zonday is planning to write a song about it.

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  1. Did they cover a model train with chocolate, or construct it entirely of chocolate?
    If the second option, I’m impressed! (I had no idea that chocolate would have the tensile strength to hold it’s own weight without sagging.)


  2. @1. 4of7 The story says it is ALL chocolate over 6 million calories worth!!

    – “This train was created by “master chocolatier” Andrew Farrugia”:
    Barack Obama “He didn’t build that without some government support to build the roads on which he drove every day. So, in a way, governments are always responsible when their citizens achieve anything. Inherent to all success is a debt to the Fatherland..er, the Motherland..uh, the Parental Government.

    – “A 111-foot-long chocolate train. Now that sounds delicious.”:
    Michelle Obama – (with P.M.S.), “Bring it to my room so I can destroy it !”

    – Joe Biden: “A CHOO CHOO !!!!! MADE OF CHOCOLATE !!!! Willy Wonka IS real…I KNEW IT, I KNEW IT !!!



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