Again, Just Wait Until the Government Runs Your Health Care

[High Praise! to The Real Revo]

Regarding the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

A major disaster occurs on the outskirts of one of the most advanced civilizations on earth, and 10 days later there are victims walking 6 miles to find food?

You can benefit from a little luck and a little government in your life but you are a damned fool if you trust in either.

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  1. Perhaps I’m a jerk, but I’m not donating to any Sandy relief. You want Obama to save you? You think government will solve all your problems? You refuse to learn from history in terms of following evacuation warnings OR relying on government? Fine. You just sit there and wait for Obama to come save you. I’ll be sending my charity to my sponsor children and the Purple Heart Foundation.


  2. @CarolinetheMommy, no you are not a jerk. I do not feel a bit sorry for those “people” either. They made their sty, let them wallow in it.

    It is a shame that Sandy was only a category one storm.

    So FEMA responds the way it should under Bush, but it is not good enough and Bush is to blame, but under the occupant, FEMA is absent and busy on vacation, and it Christies fault.

    How did we handle natural disasters prior to 1975? Oh yeah, there were none.

    “A major disaster occurs on the outskirts of one of the most advanced civilizations on earth, and 10 days later there are victims walking 6 miles to find food?”
    Waaahhh!!!, I had to walk, Waaahh!! The eastern bloc morons are just a bunch of pansy dooushabaggies.


  3. Most of the people in the affected areas DID evacuate for the storm. In fact, many of the worst hit areas are neighhborhoods where the police officers, firefighters, etc live because they can’t afford to live in NYC…and they were working throughout the storm and their families were in shelters. The problem is, their houses are gone and now the emergency shelters have closed…and they have no where to go!! The hotels, etc are booked solid. Over 100 houses in ONE neighborhood alone are GONE; burned to the ground!! That’s just ONE neighborhood…where do you put THAT many people ? And FEMA had NO alternate housing ready and available, despite several days warning that it was going to hit highly populated areas. These people lost EVERYTHING…all their clothes, cars, their kids trophies, all their furniture, every momento and hand-me-down, every scrapbook, all their pictures,…. and their safe refuge. Houses that had been in the same family for generations are piles of water soaked debris, which they pick through to find anything from their life before the storm.
    They were not just saying “Oh, the government will take care of us…” But now they are homeless, with pretty much just the clothes on their back and whatever they packed to prepare to be evacuated for 3 days..They are still without the basics, generators don’t work without gas and gas won’t pump without electricity – and the nightime temperatures have been in the 20’s here. Sand in many areas was as high as the bottom of the mailboxes…everywhere. They were shoveling out like it was snow. The majority of the clean up has been done by the victims helping each other. After his big speech about how the government did not do enough to help the victims of Katrina, because they were black, about all that I have seen the president do is fly in, do some photo op.s, hug Christie, and tell everyone how badly he feels.


  4. CTCompromise, it is time to whine, if they aren’t getting their way. It is also typical of the Mommy states.
    Where was all the screaming on the Tube over Hurricane Ike. A category III hurricane that did more damage and killed ten times as many people? The Obamanation’s FEMA set up their shop in the Woodlands, almost fourty miles from downtown Houston. People were not allowed back on Galveston Island for thirty-eight days while emergency workers looked for bodies. Electrical power was not fully restored for more than sixty days.

    The truth is that if it is a Red state, the press and politicians don’t care. Where were allof these fundraisers then?

    Think about it



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