Anyone Wanna Guess What He Said?

Posted on November 27, 2012 4:00 pm

[High Praise! to LMAObama]

Poor Joe… they’re gonna take away his favorite chew-toy again.

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7 Responses to “Anyone Wanna Guess What He Said?”

  1. Rock Throwing Peasant says:

    “When the reporters were asking about Susan Rice, I thought they said ‘seasoned rice’ and I may have said how much I like to eat dirty rice when my wife’s out of town.”

  2. Basil says:

    Brain bleach! Now!

  3. CTCompromise says:

    “…When I said I really HATED Michelle, ya’ know..I meant that John Lennon song.”

  4. CTCompromise says:

    “…When I said that Rhom Emanuel got another Presidential pardon for ANOTHER turkey..I had no idea Fox News would dig up that Rich pardon again..”

  5. CTCompromise says:

    “…But then, I’m not sure because they Up’d my meds again before Obamacare kicks in.”

  6. Writer says:

    “.. When I accidentally said you were a Slave Driver.”

  7. Bad Science says:

    I may have said something about tax rates being crap and to look up the actual dollar amount paid in taxes, but then I stuck my fingers in my ears and said “LALALALALALA” really loud, so that didn’t happen, did it?

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