As a Former Sailor, I Can Attest to the Truth of This

[High Praise! to Freedom Is Just Another Word]

You can tell this guy’s a Yankee because he didn’t say “here, hold my beer” before trying this.

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  1. Heh…There may be an archived picture of a large long haired red headed dude doing something similar a long time ago involving Everclear and Hawaiian Punch….
    ‘Here, hold my beer’ happens to be a Minnesota term…


  2. Oh Harvey darling, those of us from up north can go down stairs on a carpet without spilling a drop.


  3. That’s only a Yankee insofar as he may be a part-time CUNY student.

    New Englanders scoff at this sort of frat-rat stupidity. A real Southie hood-rat, for summertime S & Gs, flings him/herself off of the roof of a three-decker into a dumpster filled with foam padding and shipping popcorn while holding onto their Rolling Rock, sticks the landing on their back, and doesn’t spill a drop. You dont ask someone to hold your beer because that’s the fastest way to get dosed with something hallucinatory.

    Bullet holes in the cardboard?!? Really? Pfffffft! Bullet holes are for front windshields and radiators. Shotgun blasts are for driver’s-side windows. Target practice is done at the rock quarry.

    That’s just how people roll in Southie and on Dot Ave.



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