Bacon Christmas Stocking

[High Praise! to ThinkGeek]

“One of the most exciting things about Christmas morning is racing down to see what Santa left in your stocking. We always had to wait until after breakfast before we could look, so breakfast was also a thing of importance. And if it was a good breakfast, it contained piles and piles of bacon. Imagine our surprise, then, when we rushed down and saw our stocking had turned into bacon! A Bacon Stocking, if you will. We will!

Ok, so we’re just rambling. Each Bacon Stocking is red and white felt, and looks like bacon. It also has a little Mr. Bacon dangle, just for fun. It’s over a foot long, which means it should be able to fit about 4 lbs of uncooked bacon. We think that’s enough for a great Christmas breakfast. Heck, we even just like wearing these around the office and pretending we have bacon feet. Mmmmmm . . . bacon feet. Get a Bacon Stocking or two today, and hopefully it will be full of meat by the end of the year!”

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