Barack Obama: Economic Genius

On the campaign trail, Ann Romney said America needs someone “who understands the economy”.

Obama does. Like a wrecking ball understands architecture.

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  1. You would be surprised if you read thru the ‘Collected Works of Joseph Stalin’. He sounds just like Obama! Economically, Politically and Philosophically there is no difference between them. Stalin sounds just like Obama! Its almost like Stalin was able to time travel to 2008!

    And I mean that in a good way. Joseph Stalin was big on FREEDOM and Human Rights and Unions, before the Revolution that is. Like Obama Joseph Stalin was a big Union guy. Pensions, civil rights, workers benefits, higher wages, fixing societal problems with Governmental action, Obama and Stalin, they are like brothers (from a different mother).

    I think that Stalin actually meant well, at first. Ya know, before the revolution…..

    Obama the Economic Genius? No, he’s more like a Messianic King or a Pharaoh.

    Obama “We are the ones we have been waiting for”


  2. I believe they also like the expression “you can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs” (was that Lenin who said that?).
    Usually it’s not omelet they’re making so what they *should* say is “you can’t make broken eggs without breaking a few eggs”.



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