Blindingly Obvious Analogy Completely Lost on Liberal Idiot

[High Praise! to The Astute Bloggers]

A liberal I work with was complaining about the gasoline situation on Long Island.

Said it took him until yesterday to find a gas station and be able to fill his tank.

He was really upset that the gas station charged him $4.45/gallon – about .40 cents more than before the storm.


I laughed.

Perhaps the gas cost him more?

And why not complain about the fact that under Obama, the price of gasoline HAS DOUBLED!?!?

The thought had never entered his CLOSED liberal mind.

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  1. when i moved from a predominately republican neighborhood to a predominately democrat neighborhood, my home and car insurance coverage rates immediately doubled. the agent explained it was due to uninsured unlicensed local drivers, their higher accident rates, much greater incidence of home burglaries and arson. the “bargain” condo has turned out to be a money pit thanks to obamites.


  2. The standard Liberal responses to facts are:
    1) “That’s different!” thus irrelevant and not worth further discussion.
    2) “That’s not true!” thus irrelevant and not worth further discussion.
    3) “That’s racist!” means you’ve proven your argument but they aren’t about to admit it.


  3. Prices allocate.

    Were the price the normal (!!) 4.05, people would have filled up everything they had and there would have been a shortage.

    At 4.45, people bought what they could afford and what they needed at the moment, leaving more for others.


  4. the value of something is what you are willing to pay for it. if he bought it then he wasn’t overcharged. alternatively, the value of something is what you can get for it. since it was selling at 4.45, perhaps the price could have been raised.



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