Candy Crowley’s slip is showing

Yesterday, Candy Crowley made the mistake of calling Mitt Romney “President Romney” during an interview with Ohio Senator Bob Portman.

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Maybe she thinks Romney will win the election. It’s certainly not wishful thinking on her part.

And, I don’t have a whole lot to say about it. There’s not really a lot of comedy involved in this little episode. But I did laugh a happy laugh.

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  1. a Freudian slip? No. It was warning!

    I think the Libs are more concerned with manufacturing a NEW JFK then they are in seeing Obama re-elected. I believe they are hoping for riots and widespread violence after the election. I also believe that the Corrupt Liberal News Mafia will be behind anything evil that happen including the death of “you-know-who”.

    If they make a JFK out of him all of his failures will be pushed aside and they might succeed with a Bolshevik like Revolution. It worked for Lennin and Stalin so why wouldn’t it work for the American Marxists?



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