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[Source: Steve Kelley, GoComics]

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  1. barky obama became prezydent
    but barky obama is not competent
    barky obama said, “joe,what should i do?”
    mighty joe biden said,”look, a choo choo!”

    one day came the call-desperate and yearning-
    good men are dying and benghazi is burning
    barky obama said, “do not beg us.
    there’s money to raise and i’m going to vegas.”

    when barky obama goes into a room
    with vladimir putin will someone cry, “doom”?
    barky is prez, so it can be said,
    with barky as prez, we could all soon be dead.

    barky obama, of chi’ town fame
    barky obama, he knows how to blame
    barky obama, when shove comes from push
    barky obama will just blame george bush



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