Did Obama Save Star Wars?

So why did George Lucas go ahead and sell Lucasfilm and take Star Wars out of his control? Because of the threat of higher taxes next year, he needed the deal to go through this year. So we thought Obama’s constantly threatening to raise taxes causes nothing but strife, but he may have saved Star Wars. Something to think about.

I thought about it. I hate Obama and his stupid taxes more than Jar Jar Binks (but less than the existence of the Star Wars prequels as a whole).

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  1. Mesa and the emperor obsabama aresa like this. Wesa good friends. Mesa get my monies beforesa wesa has to pay oursas fair shares.
    /george lucas

    Hmmm, disney owns nbc and msnbc, now they own Star Wars. Do you think they will give Jar Jar his own news show?

    Is chrissy going to do the news in his Darth Vader cape now?


  2. I have been hating what Lucas did to mess up Star wars since the second movie. But Obama being the JarJar Binks of presidents, he was bound to screw up so badly it fixed something.



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