Finally! A Stocking Stuffer for People You REALLY Like!

[High Praise! to ThinkGeek]

Kids in old time movies had the biggest lollipops. They looked so good, it’s no wonder the evil dudes with long curly mustaches and top hats always wanted to steal them. But then the hero saved the day and they all walked into candy land, where everything is edible. Ok, so we’re thinking about candy a lot. But we’re also getting a craving for breakfast. Time to combine candy and breakfast in perfect harmony; presenting the Bacon Lollipop.

Each Bacon Lollipop is full of smoky bacon flavor. It’s also quite large (4″ diameter) and swirled, just like the suckers of old. Start one at the beginning of the day, and it should last (depending on your tongue skills) quite a while. Lick it through meetings, lick it through lunch, lick it on your way home. And then once your Bacon Lollipop is all finished, you can just start another one. YAY.

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  1. It’s A Trap! Read the list of ingredients and you’ll see it has Fake Bacon Flavoring as well as other yummy things like Titanium Dioxide. WTF is THAT?


  2. I just can’t get behind anything bacon flavored. There is simply no substitute for the gift from God that is bacon.



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