Frank J. 2016: Bureaucracy

Posted on November 13, 2012 1:00 pm

So I’m not really sure what I have to do to officially start my presidential campaign. I assume I’m going to have to jump through a number of hoops to eventually destroy government and its hoops. I just really want to tear the federal government apart, and I will deal with bureaucracy in the meantime if I have to. That’s how dedicated I am. And I’ll smile as I do it because I know the bureaucrats I’m dealing with will soon be kicked out of their cushy jobs and sent into the real world. And some will protest saying, “That’s unfair! Those people can’t work in actual jobs where results are expected!” But hey, it’s not like I’m driving them out into the middle of the wilderness to fend for themselves — though that is my plan for most of Congress.

Frank J. 2016: Not all bureaucrats will necessarily die.

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9 Responses to “Frank J. 2016: Bureaucracy”

  1. Burt says:

    Frank J. 2016: Not all bureaucrats will necessarily die. ??????

    What are you thinking? I was fully intending to support your candidacy. Now you are going all squishy on us.

  2. jw says:

    will the remainder die unnecessarily?

  3. Professor Hale says:

    I would like to apply for a job in your bureaucracy, if you should win. You will need someone to help you manage all the bureaucracies you are destroying and account for them. i think I could accomplish this with a staff of only … say… 5000.

  4. Fly says:

    immortal bureaucrats?!

  5. 4of7 says:

    He’s just giving them false hope so they keep coming to the office instead of scattering to the four winds.

  6. Penultimatum says:

    Get bus. You have a lot of work to do.

  7. Penultimatum says:


  8. 4of7 says:

    “Get bus’ works too.
    Lots of people need to thrown under it.

  9. 4of7 says:

    “Lots of people need to be thrown under it.”

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