H. L. Mencken was right

Posted on November 7, 2012 4:00 am

You’ve heard it paraphrased many ways, but the original quote of H. L. Mencken addresses elections specifically:

No one in this world, so far as I know — and I have searched the records for years, and employed agents to help me — has ever lost money by underestimating the intelligence of the great masses of the plain people. Nor has anyone ever lost public office thereby.

November 6, 2012 seems to prove this.

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10 Responses to “H. L. Mencken was right”

  1. DamnCat says:

    stupid humans

  2. Iowa Jim says:

    This was, as far as I’m concerned, America’s last chance to show that it is a serious country. I’ll be leaving.

  3. NO_MO_BAMA says:

    Gotta love how all the filth that has come here from whatever 3rd world hellhole in the last 20-30 years just voted to make MY country the same as the shithole they left. Good luck escaping this time, there’s no place left, thanks to you.

  4. Matt Musson says:

    Will we live to see the end of the Republic? Is there any reason for the United States to remain United?

    It might be time to move to Texas and secede.

  5. Dodsfall says:

    It is hard to believe, but it looks like the country now favors revenge over prosperity.

  6. Writer says:

    Between the 47% and the certified nutballs, the remainder of us failed.
    Time for Step 2.
    Keep America beautiful-Hang a Socialist.

  7. Jimmy says:

    100 million people on entitlements and I have to pay for it?

    I don’t think so.

    I had a dream last night about making a 30′ “Don’t Tread On Me” flag.

  8. Basil says:

    That wasn’t a dream; it was a vision.

  9. Jimmy says:

    I’m going to need a really big flag pole, Basil. And a crane to erect it.

  10. NO_MO_BAMA says:

    Just say you’re putting up a 100′ windmill in your backyard and Obama will pay for it. When all that gets built is a flag pole, you can just say the company went bankrupt before you could finish it. Throw in something about big oil and you should be good.

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