Happy Veterans Day

Little wonder the one part of our government that works well is the one that specifically tries to destroy things instead of just doing it incidentally.

Anyway, this is a day to remember that our freedoms did not come easily, so let’s not squander them.

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  1. “Anyway, this is a day to remember that our freedoms did not come easily, so let’s not squander them.”

    I think maybe we already have.


  2. I would like to share with all the veterans here a letter which I composed and hand out randomly and annoymously when I see someone with a “veteran” license plate – or at times like when The Freedom Riders were in our town : (When I print it, there is a large American flag banner at the top of the page)

    Dear Veteran:

    It does not matter when you served.
    It does not matter where you served.
    It does not matter whether you enlisted or were called up.

    What DOES matter is that you changed your life
    To put on the uniform of The United States Of America;
    The first country ever created by people who interrupted their lives in order to fight tyranny, oppression, and injustice.
    Your service has upheld that commitment.
    You have stood among great men and women.
    Every political debate, every “letter to the editor”, every issue that has been put to a vote, every protest about any issue in this country, is a tribute to those who have given us the honor of their service–yourself included!

    I want to honor you today with the phrase which, I believe, is usually said too late:
    “On Behalf Of A Grateful Nation—THANK YOU !”


  3. Liberty, what we have always, and often ungratefully taken for granted is more often today seen to be granted for the taking back when it serves the Leftists. We need to thank and praise the men and women who stood between us and tyranny, served, fought and died to do their best to free and protect as much of the world as they were asked to. Now we must heed their example and fight the good fight, for ourselves and damn it, even for our enemies, as all our futures are at stake and we must all be free. Fight now America, because soon it will just be an attempt to escape the self imposed bonds of unjust laws and economic slavery. Thank you all, the veterans of our great history, and a prayer for the safety of those in peril at this very moment.



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