Hippie Punching Day

It’s been brought to my attention [High Praise! to Basil] that there needs to be a Hippie Punching Day song parody of Weird Al’s Weasel Stomping Day.

Well ok. I think I can whip one up…

Hippie Punching Day

Hippie faces here and there
What a wonderful time of year
Here we go! It’s Hippie Punching Day.

Crack your knuckles, now it’s on
Punch those hippies right off your lawn
‘Cause you know, it’s Hippie Punching Day.

Grab their bongo just in case
They try and use it to save their face
You’ll know that you’re doing it right
When your fist turns out their light.

So, come along and have a ball
Just make sure you punch them all
Make a fist and punch your cares away
Hip hip hooray, it’s Hippie Punching Day.

Hippies up and down the street
Faces waiting your fist to meet
Why we do it? ‘Cause we should
It’s really just for their own good.

So let the punching fun begin
Knock some common sense right in
Science! says that it’s the bestest way

Hey everyone it’s Hippie Punching…
We’ll do it right on Hippie Punching…
Knock out their lights on Hippie Punching Day

Here we go, it’s Hippie Punching Day!


UPDATE: Well, it appears that Harvey did his own version of this back in June. Guess he beat Basil and I to it, but hey…more lyrics means more hippie punching time whilst singing this classic holiday tune.

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  1. Yeah, Keln, you’re a bit late to the party. Go back to June 6, 2012 (the First Annual Official Hippie Punching Day Celebration), and look at the hideously AWESOME picture, plus Harvey’s equally resplendent lyrics.

    In fact, earlier this week, I was in the car with my kids, and I suddenly yelled, “What do we do with hippies, kids!?!” and they yelled “WE PUNCH THEM!!!” and then my six year old son started singing, “Hip HIp Hooray it’s Hippie Punching Day!”

    I love my kids.


  2. I just do what I’m told arik…

    Harvey: “Keln, you lazy whelp, what are you doing over there loafing around? You should be posting something!”

    Keln: “Just shakin’ the bush boss.”

    Harvey: *whip-crack* “Make a song parody we already made or something!”

    Keln:” Yessuh, boss.”


  3. At least he didn’t change your name to Toby.

    (Offensive? Perhaps. Insensitive? Definitely. But undeniably amusing.)


  4. @4 – I already gave him a slave name – it’s Keln.

    And he should be darn glad I didn’t name him Tobi:



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