How Obama Leverages a Crisis

In California, vandals keyed the word “Obama” into two cars outside a residence that had Mitt Romney campaign signs.

President Obama vowed to address the incident by expanding Obamacare to cover new paint jobs.

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  1. A) The cars probably were not “keyed”. More likely the cars were scratched by the antenna on a free cell phone, or the edge of an E.B.T. (electronic food stamps) card, or a medical marijuana grinder.
    B) There must be a small gene pool of suspects if “Obama” was spelled correctly.
    C) If it was my car(s), I’d be glad they scratched it in, instead of writing their message with their feces or urine…EEWWWWW I would NEVER drive that car again !!

    D) There’s A house in California with Mitt Romney campaign signs !!!!?????!!!


  2. Obama supporters helping the economy. Romney supporters have insurance and can get the car repainted.



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