I Agree: Give Federal Workers a Huge Pay Raise

Even with the fiscal cliff looming, federal worker unions are pushing for a pay raise on January 1st.

I say sure, no problem. As long as they take the raise in Chinese Yuan.

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  1. Only UNIONIZED Federal workers qualify for pay increases.
    All NON-UNION federal workers, if you look you will see that we are the majority of those “essential workers” who are REQUIRED to show up in emergency situations, have been subject to pay freezes for the last three years.
    The non-essential people are all UNIONIZED.
    They keep telling us this every year when out COLA increases are skipped and our SUPERVISORS tell us we really ought to vote to join the Union.
    In fact, last year you paid me two hours of OT to attend a MANDATORY pro-union meeting designed to convince us to join.
    But we didn’t.


  2. ^ Nate, that’s exactly what I was thinking. It’s getting to the point that I’m considering the merits of a currency whose government isn’t actively trying to destroy it.



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