Initiative to Develop 10 Technologies

According to reports, the Democrat Party has agreed to phone voting. Text voting, actually.

The Initiative to Develop 10 Technologies includes voting by phone as one of the 10 technologies covered. They 10 technologies are:

  • Interconnected computer networks (the Internet)
  • Personal cellular communication (cell phones)
  • Portable message systems (Text messaging)
  • High-definition home entertainment systems (HDTV, etc)
  • Global position systems (GPS)
  • Video communications (Skype, etc)
  • Wind energy
  • Solar energy
  • Electronic voting
  • Rail travel

The initiative has been around for years, and some of the technologies overlap. For instance, video communications often use the Internet. And, now, with the Democrat Party on board, electronic voting and text messaging are merged.

This means that people can vote for Obama without going to the polls. They can simply text their vote to the Initiative to Develop 10 Technologies. They simply text “OBAMA” to, on their cell phone, I, D, the number 10, and T.

Be aware that the Republican Party has not signed on, so people can’t vote for Romney this way. People wanting to vote for Romney have to show up in person at the polls. But, Obama voters can simple text “OBAMA” to I-D-10-T.

Isn’t technology wonderful?

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  1. The tenth initiative listed is rail travel. Our trains run slower than they did a hundred years ago, and these losers want to push rail travel.


  2. Good to see you doing your part to supress the moron vote, Basil. I keep telling democrats there’s no point in voting because we’re in a red state and their vote will be meaningless.


  3. I think swiping their FREEEE money cards should count as a vote, the more you use it, the more votes you get, kinda like credit card points for those of us who have to pay for things. Cash in your points for more free Obama minutes on your free Obama phone, buy lottery tickets, use the money ANY WAY YOU WANT!!! It’s your free money and you earned are entitled to it!



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