It Always Goes Wrong When We Come to the Dessert.

Posted on November 21, 2012 2:00 pm

[High Praise! to Freedom Is Just Another Word]

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5 Responses to “It Always Goes Wrong When We Come to the Dessert.”

  1. Marc says:

    Before the news of a judge forcing mediation I was hoping that in a year the Hostess company would mysteriously resume operations staffed by a race of small statured orange skinned people…either Oompa Loompas or mini John Boehners.

  2. Dohtimes says:

    The Twinkie is the Georgia of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics – Some old hippie guy with the munchies.

  3. Son of Bob says:

    And here I thought it would be the Michelle Obama food police that would force the Hostess employees out of business. There are just so many factions of the Democrat party working at any one time to destroy jobs it’s hard to keep track of which one will be successful first.

  4. CTCompromise says:

    Amazing!! Even after Hostess said they were done, walking away, putting an end to 18,000 jobs…..and gave it one more chance at mediation-the unions STILL could not agree to a deal to keep those people employed. Merry Christmas and Happy Chanukah you greedy schmucks.

  5. Crabby Old Bat says:

    In other union news, the SEIU (Satan’s Emissaries of Idiocy United) staged a protest blocking the streets just outside of Los Angeles International Airport today – the busiest travel day of the year – protesting the decision of former union members to sever themselves from the union and negotiate their own contract (which got them better wages and better benefits than the union could do). That’s right, the union was protesting the exercise of free will. Of course, the union claimed the workers were duped and that without the union, the benefits and wages will soon disappear – but wouldn’t it have been more effective and persuasive to wait for this to happen, shout “Told you so!,” and gather the disaffected members back into the fold? No, they said to themselves, let’s piss off a bunch of people who have no stake in the fight and just want to get to their loved ones for the holidays. That’ll work!

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