Jane Fonda Issues Worst Apology Ever

Posted on November 28, 2012 10:00 pm

Jane Fonda recently said regretfully, “Sitting on that gun in North Vietnam. I’ll go to my grave with that one.”

Jane, a lot of our soldiers already did.

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11 Responses to “Jane Fonda Issues Worst Apology Ever”

  1. CarolyntheMommy says:

    Doesn’t that qualify her for Secretary of Defense?

  2. 4of7 says:

    From the link: “Fonda’s revealed that her biggest regret in life (was) not “f***ing” mass-murderer Che Guevera”.
    Don’t worry Jane, that can still be arranged – in Hell!

    Not as a reward for you, but as part of Che’s never-ending punishment.

  3. CTCompromise says:

    I believe that (by at least) in their mid-seventies most, if not all, Libs do regret their protests against this country. Of course, by then they are collecting social security and signing everything AARP puts in front of them !! They are now living the dream they protested for while they were students at the college Mom & Dad paid for….. all pay and no work !

  4. Son of Bob says:

    Probably regrets it more because she couldn’t handle the fall-out than realizing it was a ridiculously stupid thing to do.

  5. zzyzx says:

    As a Viet Nam vet all I can say to Jane is, I hope you die of a** cancer…bleeding a** cancer at that.

  6. sgt relic says:

    It won’t end there, Janie. Top of my bucket list: Pee on Hanoi Jane’s grave!

  7. plentyobailouts says:

    Its just too bad she lived long enough to have regrets.

    The world will be a better place when she is gone. Then the two worst, her and teddy will be in that special place licking the boot of adolph for eternity.

  8. Pug Mahon says:

    I hate that she’s in Cat Baloo, a flick I’ve heard good things about, but even the great Lee Marvin can’t lure me into watching her despicable mug for two hours. She disgusts me like few ever have.

  9. Joel says:

    zzyzx, as a Vietnam-era veteran, I second that emotion.

  10. Uncle Kevvie, That's Who says:

    Given her supposed great wealth where is the obligatory donation, post apology, to any veteran’s groups?
    Years ago she had an apology published for the AA gun squatting, but it wasn’t, really.
    I believe it was in The Nation or some such. Truly abhorrent.
    It might have been excerpted in N R. Going looking,…… ‘now’………..

  11. Bad Science says:

    It’s a shame you couldn’t have Fonda’s pic photoshopped into the post about Kerry below.

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