Joe Biden – Still Dim As Hell

While in FLORIDA, Vice President Joe Biden described the Cleveland Plain Dealer as “one of the major newspapers in this state.”

Joe, it’s a 3-letter word: G-E-O-G-R-A-P-H-Y

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  1. The terrestrial Peacock net is pimping the featured appearance of Veep Bidentard(tm) on one of their eminently forgettable dramadies. Bidentard(tm) isn’t expected to perform at Olivierian dramatic levels…though that might be something to see: Joe Bidentard(tm) in Julius CaesarI come not to praise Oihodelphia…et tu, three four five.

    Who knew Bidentard(tm) would steal a march on Obama, The Celebrity POTUS, out in Tinseltown?

    So much for Obama’s featured appearance on Hawaii 5-0.



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