Last Unemployment Numbers Before the Election

Good news, everyone! Unemployment has gone up only 0.1%. That means unemployment is now 7.9%, 0.1% higher than when Obama came into office four years ago. And that feat cost us a mere $5.6 trillion more in debt.

Of course, unemployment would be over 10% if the work force were the same size as when Obama took office, so yay for discouraged workers in doing their part in keeping unemployment down by just giving up.

So as we go into election next Tuesday, hopefully no one cares much about the economy since Obama doesn’t really have anything good to show for that. But he sure looked presidential standing around waving at people after Sandy! Obama looking presidential… what a novelty! You could see how impressed MSNBC was.

Anyway, Andrew Sullivan has some good news for you: If you voted for Obama in 2008 and don’t in 2012, you never really voted for him. Do you get that? If you vote against Obama this year, your mistake from years past will be wiped clean. You won’t be like those people who voted for Jimmy Carter who have been mocked and derided for decades.

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  1. So unemployment is below 8%, just in time for the election!! Eleventy!! But with all those people at work, who will drive the dead to the polls? Do union rules allow new hires to drive dead people to vote? Are they still covered by workers comp? Do I still get a free obaamaphone? Now that they are employed are they the 1% and will vote for Romney? This is a freaken disaster. I need a bigger welfare check to calm my nerves! gimme free cheese!!11!


  2. correction. see I was wrong
    And all 5.6 trill. is in play to =steal= this election. Many people have been paid off. Many others will be paid off including the surviving Blue Hats. Hopefully I am wrong.



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