Liberal Economics In One Lesson

Posted on November 18, 2012 3:00 pm

Applebee’s is being threatened with boycotts after a franchisee said Obamacare’s costs might force him to freeze hiring.

Apparently the boycotters’ theory is Applebee’s will hire more people if their stupid profits aren’t getting in the way.

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12 Responses to “Liberal Economics In One Lesson”

  1. newshutz says:

    According to my son who talked to a bunch of OWS protesters, at the root of their complaints was a dislike of the idea of working for someone.

    Everyone has to produce what a customer wants or starve. A very few get to live off the production of their ancestors, but even they must produce capitol in exchange for the means to live.

    At the heart of progressivism is a disdain for reality.

  2. Silverfiddle says:

    The left has only just begun to mau mau…

  3. Rayfan87 says:

    Don’t you just love the liberal reaction: they’re cutting hours back so lets not buy their products. Maybe Democrats should adopt the slogan ‘the beatings will continue until morale improves’

  4. CTCompromise says:

    I’m pretty sure the boycott was started by (now former) Hostess workers….

  5. John S says:

    The joke’s on the liberals: Applebees doesn’t accept food stamps. A “hiring freeze” is also a joke in a business that enjoys a 400% annual turnover.

  6. CTCompromise says:

    The boycotter’s theory is eat at restaurants which won’t have staffing issues because of Obamacare….yeah, good luck with that one !
    (Of couse, since their Moms still call them to come upstairs for dinner this won’t affect them at all.)

  7. AwesometificAmerican says:

    I am really starting to buy into the idea that we should start setting limit on how much someone who owns a business can make. That way once they hit that number they can just fire everyone, shut the doors and enjoy retirement. That should fix the problems.

    Oh wait, I forgot the left thinks that the purpose of a business is to create jobs. They think that once someone makes enough that they should just keep things running to keep people employed.


  8. Karen says:

    See, I had to order Papa John’s today to buycott against the boycott, and now they’re making me go to Applebees. Not to mention the fact that I had to hoarde twinkies for the future.

    Can we get Michelle Obama to do something about this obesity epidemic?

  9. Ogrrre says:

    “… at the root of their complaints was a dislike of the idea of working for someone.” They’re a bunch of dumb offspring of unmarried parents, aren’t they? Even when working for yourself, you have to do what your customers want, if you want to stay in business. If you work for an employer, you have only one boss you have to satisfy. If you work for yourself, you work for all of your customers. If you work for yourself, and you truly want to have a successful business, you will be working for the cheapest, stingiest slave driver you ever worked for. He’ll expect you to work long hours for very little pay. The OWSers, don’t dislike the idea of working for someone, they have a dislike for working … period.
    And, I’m with the Apostle Paul in that matter: “If a man does not want to work, neither let him eat.” The same goes for women, too.

  10. Writer says:

    The core problem with Liberals is that they want to operate on emotions instead of logic. If it sounds good and costs them nothing, then it must be good. They have a disdain for those who dare to disagree with them, and a contempt for those who believe in the work ethic. In short, they never grew beyond the thirteen-year-old level and accepted responsibility for themselves and their actions. It is someone elses problem to clean up after them.

  11. Harvey says:

    @10 – I wouldn’t mind cleaning up after them, if they’d just stop walking around the kitchen in muddy shoes quoting OSHA mopping regulations at me while I try to do it.

  12. Raving Lunatic says:

    Harvey, don’t forget the EPA is waiting to pounce on you for improperly disposing of your mop water. And I’m sure your local government will fine you for not getting the appropriate building permit first. At least, being in the south, you are a little less likely to get drug into court by the teamsters for daring to be non-union. Also, don’t forget to file your paperwork with the Labor Department citing stimulus funded job creation.

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