Link of the Day: A Brutally Brilliant Way to Fix the Electoral College

[High Praise! to Nuking Politics]

Population, Demographics, and the Electoral College

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  1. Since the plan worked and the welfare state has given us 51% of the population who exist to reproduce for free and vote for democrats, ,maybe it’s time to rename it the Electoral Community College. And be sure to give illegals in-state tuition (aka free).


  2. I have been thinking about this since the 70’s.

    How about we allocate electoral votes to reflect the actual votes received?

    Proportionately allocated.

    If 53% of a State’s votes go to a candidate, then 53% of the electoral votes go to that candidate.

    But here’s the kicker …

    This method would require rounding off.

    Make that rounding off to always favor the challenger in every election.

    53.3% would be 54% for the challenger.

    53.6% would be 54% for the challenger.

    Thus giving the challenger an extra edge in all cases.

    The argument for this would be to counter the power of incumbency.

    I know it seems small, but it would have been enough

    … and it rewards the noobs for even trying.

    To go a bit further …

    … why not allocate an extra margin of 2% to all challengers?


  3. Here’s my brutally brilliant way to fix the electorial college:

    1) Change the presidency to a lottery using social security numbers.
    2) Vote after 4 years either to pay him/her or to shoot him/her.


  4. I’d like to revise my plan that I wrote at NP and replace it with Armed and Larry’s plan.

    I just like it better. Has a real baconesque quality to it.


  5. First- IQ test for voters. If they don’t know the difference between Capitalism and communism they can’t vote.
    Second- If you don’t pat taxes, you don’t vote (after all they people you vote for spend my money).
    Third- make every vote equal, i.e. majority rules, voter ID, and dead people and foreigners can’t vote.

    If we really want a great system then we put in term limits for all politicians. Two terms in office followed by one term in prison. After all by the end of their second term they are all thieves and liars.


  6. @ Tin Man

    I agree about paying taxes and voting, and I’d go as far as if you take government assistance, you make yourself ineligible to vote. Think about it, if the people voting for free stuff weren’t allowed to vote anymore and politicians were held accountable only by those who pay taxes, how that would change politics.

    Term limits would be unnecessary, as only the best politicians could keep themselves in office anyway.

    It’s a far fairer plan than the original system where only landowners could vote. Anyone should be able to vote, as long as they pay taxes and don’t use welfare.

    Here’s another idea: federal employees can’t vote in federal elections. Sure, that means military can’t either…but thise votes don’t get counted anyways.


  7. How about setting up the Primaries according to which states actually delivered the highest percentage of Republican votes in the General election, so we stop having our candidates picked for us by states that end up voting for the other party anyway?



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