Link of the Day: Advice From an Ex-Soviet

[High Praise! to The People’s Cube and Collision of Church and State]

Free cheese can only be found in a mouse trap

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  1. I work for 2 sets of Russians who came when they were teenagers, with parents etc. 30’s to early 40’s now and they are all 100% brainwashed Obama worshipers. AND they’re Jews, AND they all make good money. It’s baffling how someone could come from a communist country as “refugees” (Russian Jew = refugee in the 80’s) and vote for a communist. The brainwashing is almost genetic. Liberalism IS a mental disorder.


  2. From the link:
    “There is a saying that we learn from our mistakes. There is a better saying that we should learn from somebody else’s mistakes. Why do we act sometimes in a certain way and don’t think that the same actions didn’t work right for somebody previously? Why do we have to go the same way as somebody else went and didn’t succeed?”

    I’ve said for years that experience Must be the best teacher, because it’s the only teacher a fool will learn from.


  3. #4 CarolyntheMommy,
    Don’t be depressed.
    We’re only in the book of the Prophet Isaiah (Straighten out or you’ll be smote!) stage.
    If we get to the book of the Prophet Jeremiah (See? I told you you’d be smote!) stage without learning our lesson, there’s always the book of the Prophet Daniel (Ok, you’ve been smote, but I’m gonna give you another chance.) stage.
    Then of course there’s the book of the Prophet Ezekiel (Smite everybody! – but send them a memo first so they’ll know who’s smiting them and why!) stage.
    We’re not there yet.
    It’s sometimes a comfort to me to know that as bad as it gets, it could always be worse.



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