Link of the Day: Let Them Burn It Down

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Quote of the Day


If we don’t stand in the way of the Progressive policies. If we let them have a free hand. If we get out of their way, make sure they get all the credit. If we don’t confuse the issue, interfere, or make feeble attempts to slow them down — that later they will point to as the “cause” of their policies’ failure (as they always do) — when the place burns down, it will be impossible for them to place the blame on anything but themselves.

I have to say, there’s a bitter, spiteful part of me that’s very tempted to roll with this notion.

But I know it won’t work.


Because during the Cold War, the division of Berlin into East and West was the ultimate real-world lab experiment that proved the virtue of capitalism over communism.

If liberals can ignore that, they can ignore anything.

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  1. “- when the place burns down, it will be impossible for them to place the blame on anything but themselves.”

    As long as there is 1 Republican in the country, they will not place any blame on themselves.
    The “Occupy -and then require free services from businesses around you (whose customers you are discouraging), and the local governments (taxpayers)- Movements” proved how delusional these people are. They are in West Berlin…hoping for a chance to get into East Berlin so that the government will take control of their pathetic lives and give them the free stuff, too!


  2. @2. Jimmy: “I’m on strike.”

    I hope you have your fangs out when you strike. (You couldn’t be a boa constrictor, which squeezes it’s victims to death..that would mean you’re a Dem.)


  3. If they don’t get everything they want, they blame their failures on “obstruction” and the MSM Plays along.

    Maybe Republicans in Congress should give them everything they want on the condition that it all sunsets automatically in 2017.


  4. This is what I posted over there

    I have been saying this since 2007 or so. I intended to vote for Hillary, but then voted for the zer0bama in the 2008 election, for just this purpose. My analogy was that we were on a slow little commuter train (or light rail). McCain would have just made us switch cars on the train. Hillary was a faster moving freight train to hell. Then zeo0bama entered the picture and whoa baby… talk about a high speed bullet train. I certainly thought that would be enough to wake the masses. Mitt was the next stop (possibly the last) before hell. I just didn’t realize the masses thought they were on the Monorail on their way into the Magic Kingdom, fueled by rainbows and unicorn farts. Sometimes the best way to teach someone a lesson is to give them exactly what they want (clamor for).



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