Link of the Day: Some People Just Don’t Deserve America.

[High Praise! to Sondrakistan]

America’s 21st Century

At the link, there is also a nice video-reading of the passage from Atlas Shrugged telling the tale of the 20th Century Motor Company, which tried to implement “from each according to his ability, to each according to his need”.

My favorite part of that has always been what happened to the girl with the gold braces.

A text-only version of the story can be found here.

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  1. Great link, well worth the time!
    It makes me wonder- what if the Starnes were not selling a product and were able to just keep increasing their debt to make the “experiment” work? It probably would have lasted longer than 4 years…Hey, wait a minute, that sounds familiar..
    Anyway, the descriptions of Nancy Pelosi’s rendition of Ivy, and Joe Biden’s portrayal of Eric paled against the obvious nod to Barak filling the role of Gerald. Tragic theatre is not a lost art afterall.


  2. I just wanted to say you have a great blog here and thank you for posting a link to my posting of the story of the 20th century motor company from Atlas Shrugged. My hit counter is doing wonderfully as a result. Lots of new readers.



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