Link of the Day: This Is Why New York Firemen Are Awesome (True Story)

Posted on November 24, 2012 6:00 pm

[High Praise! to Nate]

NYC sends health teams to post-Sandy food handouts, rubbing some wrong way


Bobby Eustace, an 11-year veteran with the city’s fire department tells that on Sunday he and his fellow firefighters from Ladder 27 in the Bronx were issued a notice of violation for not maintaining restaurant standards in a tent set up in Breezy Point, Queens, to feed victims and first responders.

“It’s just a little ridiculous. The inspector came up and asked if we were wearing hairnets. I told him, ‘We have helmets. This is a disaster area,'” Eustace told “Then he asked is we had gloves and thermometers [for food]. I said, “Yeah, we have rectal and oral. Which one do you want?’ He wasn’t amused.”

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4 Responses to “Link of the Day: This Is Why New York Firemen Are Awesome (True Story)”

  1. CTCompromise says:

    No where in the article does it mention whether or not they had an “Employees Must Wash Hands” sign.

  2. CTCompromise says:

    As we say at work everyday….”You can’t make this stuff up !”

  3. Duke of Earl says:

    Bobby earned many lbs of bacon for his work and that comment by putting that inspector in his place.

  4. Iowa Jim says:

    The only thing that could have made this story more awesome was for the fireman to use a thermometer
    rectally on the inspector.

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