Link of the Day: What If Superman Were a Commie?

[High Praise! to Comics Alliance and American Digest]

Great Comics That Never Happened: The Super-Commie From Krypton!

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  1. Has no one seen “Red Son?” It’s an Elseworlds tale where Supes’ pod crashed in the USSR instead of Kansas.

    I’ve always said that Supes was a natural fascist & the Kents are the real heroes of the DC-verse. In every Elsewords story where Kal-el is raised by someone else he ends up a fascist/totalitarian nightmare. Even in the normal DCU he admits to struggling with this.

    Captain America actually called him out on it in the JLA/Avengers crossover. It was a crowning moment of awesome imo.


  2. Right, what I think is misunderstood is that the link says the great comic never made is the Silver Age version of “Superman: Red Son” – which is one of the best comics ever.



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