Looking at This Picture Literally Made My Brain Shut Down for a Few Seconds With Utter Incomprehension That This Could Actually Exist

[High Praise! to Winning At Everything]

Yeah, it’s just as sick and wrong as you’re imagining it.

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  1. That gives one visions of some Polynesian strumming away, playing Sabbath, Bloody Sabbath while gals in cocoanut bras and grass skirts sway from side to side.

    Almost as bad as The GG Allyn Songbook For Concertina and Chamberpot.

    Or The Darby Crash Gregorian Chant Hymnal


  2. @8 – Huh… that’s the first time I have EVER understood the lyrics to “Smells Like Teen Spirit”.

    And wow, are those lyrics dumb. I can’t believe a human being could write those on purpose.

    Imagine how completely awful the first draft of the song must’ve been for Nirvana to decide that THIS was the vast improvement that took them ever so much closer to their musical vision.



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