No Kitchen Is Complete Without This

[High Praise! to ThinkGeek]

Sizzling Bacon Tea Towel

One time, a customer “complained” about a perceived overabundance of bacon products on ThinkGeek. “Why so bacon?” he asked. Why? Because WE LOVE IT. And it’s clear that the majority of you love it, too. We’ll continue being bacon until there’s a new bacon, which we think is highly unlikely given the perfection of the current bacon.

Introducing a ThinkGeek exclusive, the Sizzling Bacon Tea Towel! Got greasy hands? Wipe them off on bacon. After all, if pigs are the cleanest animals, then bacon is the cleanest meat. Right? Right. (Don’t overthink it.) Guaranteed to make your hands dry, not greasy, the Sizzling Bacon Dish Towel will make you smile every time you have to do the dishes.

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  1. No way! Think of the size of the bacon fire from that baby! And you’d be like, hey, the towel’s on fire, but no, maybe it’s just bacon cooking, and next thing you know you’re sucking up to Obama to buy you a house.



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