Obama Getting Reelected Is the GOOD News

Posted on November 26, 2012 7:00 pm

[High Praise! to Liberal Logic 101]

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3 Responses to “Obama Getting Reelected Is the GOOD News”

  1. Taqiyyotomist says:

    Substitute Mao for Obama, and worshipful Chinese educators and students for the other picture, and you’ll find that this isn’t funny at all.

    It’s coming, folks. Mass graves. These sheep will do whatever the Dems and their media whores tell them to do, and they will all believe it’s good.

    “We ‘purged’ the nation of about 60 million people, beating Mao by 20 million! Because they were HATEFUL PEOPLE!” — Obama Worshipper, circa 2020.

  2. Pug Mahon says:

    The common thread with both images is that they feature people who have never had to earn a living to feed their families. I think it’s time to move to Texas, or Alaska. Or Chile. I hear Chile is nice, optimistically capitalist.

  3. Cautiously Pessimistic says:

    I look at this election cycle as the electorate clicking ‘Yes’ when the alert window pops up asking ‘Are you sure?’

    Okay, so we’re really going to do this, and a majority of the electorate wants it after having had four years of warning.

    Done. See you on the other side of the fire.

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