Obama’s American Thanksgiving

[High Praise! to Laughing Conservative]

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  1. From BHO: (The Jackass incumbendent)…

    The one on the left, of course !! Just being on the left is enough to make him win, what with all the union support -but just look at how well he has managed to conserve his energy!
    In addition, let me be clear…That this great turkey on the left supported–and continues to support – me and all of my family…relatives and supporters who have not become citizens of this country, because they feel no need to ,,uh become citizens of the U.S.A. in order to take advantage of everything that the U.S.A. will offer to the least motivated people who somehow manage to get themselves into this country. That, is America… as I see it.
    {smirk} As for the turkey on the right, I also believe we do need to tax the rich an enormous amount of money in order to make this happen. When we have no more rich people in this country, we will all be equal and we somehow be able to take care of everyone who is in this country, legally or not.
    You know, of course, that I mean those in this country who come from countries who will always vote straight Democratic lines; not those who come here from your European, Asian, Serbian, type countries- they tend to misunderstand and believe that coming to America to get rich through your own labor is a good thing…so, we do not want to encourage “Those People”. We don’t want to encourage more 1%-ers to come to this country…We want to encourage people to come to this country and get what this country can give them. We believe they will always get what they desreve, as long as they vote for the Democratic party who encouraged them to be here; undocumented, unencumbered, and with many less restrictions than a real U.S citizen has. Send us your poor, your tired, your huddled masses yearning to live free..but please keep away from our shores anyone who want to employ these people, legally.
    What’s not to understand?


  2. @4 – Light Googling indicates that no President has ever participated.

    However, there’s always a first time, and President Narcissus would be just the trendsetter to do it.


  3. I have a bleeding heart liberal coming to Thanksgiving tomorrow. If she makes one crack I swear I’m going to make sure that everyone gets their fair share of turkey – and since I have a nursing infant that’ll mean she can sit there and just look at the food.



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