Punching Day

“A well cast ballot is a punch to a stupid hippie’s face.”
-Thomas Jefferson

So, it’s here. Election Day. Do we rid ourselves of the useless arrogant fool Obama or are we stuck with him another four years? He may have been as horrible a president as possible, but don’t underestimate his chances. With this depressed economy, he’s gotten more people dependent on the government and he’s the guy who says he’ll keep the handouts coming no matter how much that hurts the economy and keeps us in debt. Of course, that’s the foolishness of letting other people vote to spend your money, but it’s hard to get the toothpaste back in that tube.

So what’s left to say? If Obama wins reelection, then we must fight even harder. And if Mitt Romney win, then we must fight harder still to keep from getting complacent. Remember: You don’t change America at the ballot, you change it in your every day working hard and building up this country. The left are always trying to make the tail wag the dog and think they can elect people who will change the country, but we have to know that our battlefield is the country as a whole and the politics is the least of it.

That said, I’m hoping for a good punch to those dumb hippie faces today. But if not, there are other days and those faces will still be waiting for what they deserve.

So go vote. Unless you’re going to vote for Obama. Then take a hard look at those lines to the polling places. Man, what a long, boring wait. Maybe you should just stay home and wait for the government to bring you stuff.

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  1. The political ads are really getting on my nerves.

    [glum music] “They *say* Prop 666 is about saving the world… but what they don’t tell you is that hidden in its 3 sentences is a provision for drowning puppies. Do you want to live in a world with $19/gallon gas, and where college hotties have to pay for their own drinks? Join us to defeat Prop 666. It’s for the puppies.”

    Man, I can’t wait until tomorrow.


  2. “You don’t change America at the ballot.”

    Then let’s get rid of the bloody thing.

    On the other hand, consider this simple flowchart:

    Ballot –> Congress –> Bad Laws –> Failed Republic

    So apparently there IS a connection between the “ballot” and our predicament. The only way out at this point is this flowchart:

    Failing Republic –> Ballot –> Congress –> Repeals –> Survival



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