Random Thoughts: Cuts and Flamethrowers

If Time Magazine still needs a man of the year, I haven’t been doing anything so I’m free for it.

The X-Men constantly have tolerance as a theme, so when are they going to change their name to the more PC X-Persons?

So what’s the best example in our history of the federal government making large spending cuts?

It looks like the only good examples we have in history of spending cuts is against the military.

If Republicans were for one black woman named Rice for SoS but against another black woman named Rice for SoS, then… racism?

All the people calling racism on blocking Susan Rice belong in the dustbin of history next to the KKK. They are vile people and should not be tolerated in a polite society.

I finally love a freeware program so much I want to donate to the programmer but he has no donation link 🙁

Default in windows is to copy text with formatting. In my many decades with Windows, I’ve never once wanted that.

Do you need a special permit to get a flamethrower? It’s not like it’s a gun.

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  1. Good sir, in most states there are no restrictions on the purchase, ownership, and use of a flame thrower. What do you think this is, Soviet Russia? I have one I use for deicing the driveway and sending messages to neighborhood kids to get off my lawn.



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