Random Thoughts: Drones, Spiders, and Racial Pandering

Maybe I’m following the wrong people, but I haven’t seen anyone talk secession other than those complaining about those talking secession.

So does Obama get another peace prize now?

If your state secedes, how much of the national debt do you take with you?

Depressing Thought: We still haven’t even finished Obama’s first term.

The right threaten to secede when we get frustrated because we don’t have any other country to move to. America is as good as it gets.

Should the Secretary of Defense really be someone so French-looking?

We need a remake of Top Gun, but about predator drones. Probably no volleyball.

So are they going to do a regular movie of the Petraeus scandal or go straight to the porn version?

Maybe Republicans need to stop acting like they care so much whether people vote for them and also drive really cool cars.

I hate it when people are mindlessly partisan (for the record, I’m mindfully partisan).

I don’t know why people sometimes seem so negative about men. Haven’t men invented like almost everything? They’re pretty useful.

Men also kill spiders. Without men, the world would be covered in spiders.

The other day my wife made me kill a spider that was outside because it was too close to the house. Poor guy.

We need much much more shame in our culture for turning to government to solve problems.

I yearn for the day where we can’t make assumptions about someone’s political views based on his or her skin color.

I’m not onboard with all this racial pandering, but I’ll agree to remove “We hate minorities!” from the GOP platform… maybe.

I don’t think people know what “racist” means anymore.

I’ve heard what the GOP must do to appeal to Hispanics, but what if we find some Hispanics that doesn’t appeal to? Eliminate them?

I’m not a conservative. I’m a radical. And freedom is still a radical and scary idea.

I’m not yearning for a past that never was, but instead for an ideal of freedom we’ve never fully accepted.

Maybe it’s time to reject the “conservative” label. We’ve got a horrible status quo and we want to move things forward.

And we see where the rest of the world is going, and we want to go somewhere different.

If we can confirm Arafat was poisoned and find out who did it, we should give him Arafat’s Nobel Peace Prize.

The American right should get the Nobel Peace Prize. We have all the guns in the country yet barely shoot anyone despite all the provocation

People with more money than me are the enemy.

Obama has a mandate to do whatever he can get the Republican House to agree to.

I’m really enjoying Google’s “search other people’s emails” feature.

For the love of all that is holy, Wikipedia, just put some friggin’ ads up and stop acting like a hobo.

Buttercup: “Rock a bye baby, on the tree top… GET OUT OF THE TREE RIGHT NOW!”

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  1. “I don’t think people know what “racist” means anymore.”

    “Racist” is when 95 percent of black voters vote for one candidate solely because he’s black.


  2. If your state secedes then you take none of the national debt with you. For (to put it in old hippy terms) your state has truly…turned on, tuned in, and dropped out. As everyone knows that means you are no longer responsible for anything…much less debt of any sort.


  3. “Maybe I’m following the wrong people, but I haven’t seen anyone talk secession other than those complaining about those talking secession.”

    Actually, people from over 50 states have filed petitions to secede on the White House website. The part I find funny is the media reaction…whether or not Barack would “allow” it, or in the case of Texas, if Rick Perry “supports” secession. At this point, it’s clearly a mostly academic discussion. However, if people in large enough numbers reach the point where secession is a serious desire, it is a rebuke of ALL current American government. At that point, they will be forming a new government and no one involved will care what Rick Perry or Barack Obama think about it. Although things like a “separation of church and state” or “abortion” don’t actually exist in our founding documents, the Declaration of Independence spells out very clearly the condition under which secession may take place.


  4. As a Vietnam vet all I can say is…Obama has stooped to a new low if he nominates John Kerry be the Secretary of Defense. This is same John Kerry who came home and made a political career out of denouncing his fellow troops as murderers and rapists, and threw his medals over the Whitehouse fence! Now he’s going to be the Secretary of Defense? Why not cut right to the chase and nominate Jane efing Fonda and be done with it! After all, a Fonda nomination would shore up his liberal base and make history by nominating the first woman to the position and would be a bigger insult then even Kerry is. This nomination is an insult to anyone who’s ever served, or is serving, or plans to serve in the military.


  5. You don’t think people know what ‘racist’ means? Well let me tell you:

    You say you killed a spider near the house? I bet it was a black spider. So because something black was near your house you went ahead and killed it. You racist.



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