Random Thoughts: Global Warming, Hookers, and Bloomberg

So are we back to “the election is already over and Romney has lost” that we were before the debates?

Has Nate Silver factored into his numbers that he’s stupid and he smells and nobody likes him?

I bet in 1980 there were people actually claiming to be really excited for a second Carter term. Only fooling themselves.

Global warming is a scientific fact. Scientists have warmed globes in a lab.

So Bob Menendez murdered his parents and is now short-changing hookers?

If you’re trying to change the country through political activism, you suck at changing the country.

The worst thing was that Bob Menendez paid the female prostitutes only 70% of what he paid the male one.

Not much is being done about climate change. Has anyone tried whining about it?

In a country that holds liberty dear, Mike Bloomberg would have been exiled to Antarctica by now.

Since views on gun control have gone one direction for 50 years, is Bloomberg trying to get movement on the issue principled or insane?

Beyond just a plain contempt for individual freedom, Bloomberg seems quite sheltered from reality.

I guess an undecided voter is someone who treats national elections with as much regard as I do local elections.

We need to educate people on the importance of liberty and that government is our servant until everyone spits on Bloomberg when they see him.

With massive growing debt and global warming, our descendants will all be completely bankrupt and constantly getting hit by giant hurricanes. Heh. Sucks to be them.

“F***ing magnets, how do they taste?” -how federal government thinks most people react to Buckyballs

If Romney is elected president, I wonder if we can impeach Obama over Benghazi before January? That would be fun. We could have Biden be president for a couple hilarious weeks before Romney takes over.

So what’s your favorite method of voter suppression? I like designing confusing ballots.

For this Movember thing, I’m going to try to grow a mustache this month. I don’t think I’ll actually succeed, but we’ll see.

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  1. So blooming ID 10 T is diverting generators to the marathon. Do you suppose the runners will have to dodge the homeless and the looters? May make for an interesting race.

    If global warming is a problem, why are these ID 10 Ts worrying about winter? It won’t come.

    Will you get a refund if your subway token expired because of global warming?

    If the ID 10 Ts in newyourk can’t vote and Romney wins the popular vote, will commiefornistan and ill noise still obey their laws and give their electoral votes to Romney?

    Wiill the occupant continue to pretend to be presidential or will he just go back to golfing?


  2. My god, that Chris Christie chap is FAT!

    In the animal world, they call it “foundering.”

    In the structural engineering world, they call it “point loads.”

    In Frank’s world, he calls it “fatty fatty fat fat.”

    In my world, I call it “morbid” – as was his kissing of Obama’s a$$.


  3. “Beyond just a plain contempt for individual freedom, Bloomberg seems quite sheltered from reality.”

    Let’s review: Thanks to being one of the 12 richest men in the world, he was able to buy himself the position of Mayor of New York. Then he changed the laws to enable himself to throw out term limits for himself. Then he began dictating to people everything they could and could not do, down to what foods they are allowed to eat. Yet, according to many New York liberals, he’s not part of the one percent…


  4. “So what’s your favorite method of voter suppression? I like designing confusing ballots.”

    Well, here in CT they replaced electronic voting booths with huge paper ballots:

    – with printing so small a senior citizen cannot read it until they get back to Florida,
    – and little “bubbles” to fill in so if your hand is too shaky the machine can’t read it and presumably disgards it
    – which we put into a machine which looks just like a shredder….hmmmm

    Maybe it’s just me, but since the younger “Nutmeggers” are Dems, and the older (business experienced) become Republicans … It seems odd that CT has gone from at least “push button phone” technology, to a method which pre-dates my earliest standardized tests in school; Especially because there were no allegations of fraud or inconsistencies, etc with the electronic machines; as far as I know. There were no “hanging chads” when we flipped a switch!


  5. My nefarious plan is to make Democrats actually leave their homes to go to the polls, instead of conveniently pre-marking them.

    Also, I sneak them off the voter rolls when they’re dead, because I hate Zombie-Americans.



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