Random Thoughts: GOP Future and Star Wars Sociopaths

So when does Bush stop being president and Obama take over

Can someone please accuse whoever does the voice of Abby Cadabby of something inappropriate.

The kind of voters who respond to pandering aren’t the kind of ones who will also respond to conservative ideals.

The Democrat Party’s existence relies on people staying together in racial groups, which makes them the party of the past, not the future.

Strange how the reelection of Obama feels like a complete and utter rejection of hope and change.

I like these ideas for changing the GOP, but let’s spend a little time planning out the ultra-libertarian moon colony just in case.

So we’re finally making David Frum the defacto leader of the Republican Party, right?

Is Nate Silver who we yell at if we don’t like the BCS rankings?

You could tell Luke and Leia were related by their similar sociopathic lack of concern for the people who raised them being murdered.

They didn’t get that from their father. He loved his mother.

I can only assume Padame’s parents were murdered in front of her and she forgot about it by the next day.

Now my wife is really suspicious about me and my biographer.

What’s like the opposite of secession, like where we kick states out? How much lower would unemployment be if we kicked out California?

The main lesson I’ve taken from Thomas & Friends is that non-sentient trains are much more efficient and less troublesome.

Has Obama proposed high-speed rail for the island of Sodor?

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  1. EXACTLY! Don’t secede. Instead, expel. Or in California’s case, excrete. Plus, if you sign an excretion petition, you don’t wind up on a federal watch list.


  2. Sue, Sarah isn’t worried so much about David Halberstam but that Stephen Ambrose is hanging around and he looks a LOT like a zombie.


  3. Frank – If you want to be President you need to stop with the short term thinking. We don’t want to expel California from the United States – the Other 49 states need to secede from California!

    It is a simple plan, California is already a basket case so leaving them holding the sovereign debt of the United States of America (as the only remaining state) will not make things that much worse. Default on 31 Billion in debt or 16+ Trillion in debt is there really a difference in the outcome?

    After The United States of America (ie California) defaults and falls into anarchy the rest of the country (I propose it be called The United Republics of America with all the former states being renamed Republic of (old state name)) can easily invade and conquer all that prime beach front real estate since we won’t have any debt.


  4. “So we’re finally making David Frum the defacto leader of the Republican Party, right?”

    Yes, Paul Krugman will be stepping down.



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