Random Thoughts: Hamas, Racism, and a Male Heir

Israel killed a guy in Hamas? They should kill more than that.

If the Democrats lose their leaders Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, how are they going to keep appealing to the youth vote?

Oh. I was named sexiest man alive? I didn’t even know I was in the running.

There will be a Frank Jr. Technically, we’ll be naming him after my dad who passed away this year, but we happen to have the same name. Anyway, coming next May!

I’ve been reading Game of Thrones, so I know how important it is that the House of Fleming have a male heir (especially with winter coming).

Would have made WWII more interesting if we could watch the Axis and the Allies tweeting at each other while it went on.

I was hoping the reelection of Obama would give us a short break from dishonest cries of racism, but no because the left are scumbags.

We’re pretty tired of war, so let’s just put it out there that next country we have to deal with gets nuked.

Libertarianism has gone a long way since the days it was listed in the DSM-IV.

Republicans were for a black woman named Condoleeza Rice being Secretary of State, but against a black woman named Susan Rice. Obviously the GOP is racist against Susans.

Isn’t at least half of government politicians bribing their constituents for reelection with my money?

If hundred of rockets were being launched into America, I don’t think we’d be as restrained as Israel.

If as you learn more about science you get more arrogant instead of more humble, you’re doing science wrong.

After two weeks, my mustache is almost visible!

So when does talk of repealing the 22nd Amendment start?

Weird email: “please show people how to impeach omaba or how to help impeach omaba”

The most realistic plan for job growth right now is for Obama to vow to spend all his time golfing and not messing with the economy.

After all this time, is there any real evidence that Obama even knows what a job is?

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  1. If hundred of rockets were being launched into America, I don’t think we’d be as restrained as Israel.

    Sadly, given the current administration, I doubt we would do anything but spend a few billion $$$’s figuring out who we needed to appologize to…


  2. That would be Frnak, Jr., if you please. Congradulations, and now we know what Frank has been doing with his time during period of lite bloging. “Writing a book” is now thw same as “Hiking the Applachian Trail”.



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