Random Thoughts: Lottery, Canada, and a Solution to Fiscal Cliff Talks

Writing a scifi story in which the MacGuffin is a glowing ball of energy called “the unnamed source.”

We should get badges of how many Twitter followers we have so businesses know if they treat us poorly that’s how many people will find out.

The best indie film I ever saw was Raiders of the Lost Ark.

I’ll only play the lottery after I’m part of the 1% because then it will just be hilarious if I win.

“Oh? I won the lottery? Well, just go ahead and deposit to my account; I’m a busy man.”

A dollar coin? We might as well just barter by trading chickens.

So what exactly is the point of Canada?

Good GOP strategy: Agree to taxes, no spending cuts. Perhaps add more spending. Stock up on ammo. Take over and rebuild after collapse.

If man were meant to fly, God would have made us more tolerant of strangers touching our junk.

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  1. “If man were meant to fly, God would have made us more tolerant of strangers touching our junk.”

    When I was a young, single man, I would’ve had no problem whatsoever with attractive female strangers who wanted to touch my junk. The problem was that the ones willing to do that usually looked like Sandra Fluke. They still wanted free birth control back then but at the time that just meant I had to supply the…wait, that’s not the junk you were referring to, is it? Ohhhhhh…..


  2. Dollar coins, railroads, no space program…Forward!

    Obama just announced that a subsidiary of Solyndra is rolling out a new home enteratinment system: a solar-powered Victrola.

    Rumors are also swirling that the Stereograph may be making a return for the 2013 holiday season along with the latest, hippest, men’s accessories: the stem-wound pocket watch and the pince-nez eyeglass frames.



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