Random Thoughts: Race and Obama Jesus

Either other races have to give up racial identity politics or I’d expect whites to eventually pick it back up.

Slows news days again… time for the political humorist to shine and fill space!

So are we still trying to end racial politics or are there just too many advantages to some political parties for that?

NAACP, La Raza… I mean, we’re all well aware that eventually have to get rid of those things, right?

Somehow in America we can have a series put out 22 episodes every year, but the Brits can’t manage three every two years! No wonder they lost their empire.

#IfObamaWasJesus He’d proclaim his riding a donkey into town as a green energy solution.

#IfObamaWasJesus Number of souls saved would be way under expectations, but it’s not his fault.

#IfObamaWasJesus He’d have a secret list for targeted smiting.

#IfObamaWasJesus Would feed thousands with a couple loaves of bread and a few fishes and a huge deficit.

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  1. #IfObamaWasJesus he would have said to his carpenter father “You didn’t build that.”

    #IfObamaWasJesus he would say “If you don’t have a Chevy Volt, sell your cloak and buy one.”

    #IfObamaWasJesus the Eucharist would be made of dog.


  2. It is clear to me following Jamie Fox’s outburst – that Black people feel about Obama exactly how the Nazis felt about Hitler.
    I am not calling Obama Hitler. I am just pointing out what I observed.

    I guess we can be glad that American citizens are not being carried off to the camps.


  3. #IfObamaWasJesus he wouldn’t have a f’ing Arab terrorist Muslim name!

    #IfObamaWasJesus he wouldn’t leave his illegal immigrant alleged “Aunt” living on welfare.

    #IfObamaWasJesus he’d turn all that extra water from the rising oceans into screw top wine for his ‘voters’.



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